Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Sales" update

Hey, I see that as of 19 November, 50 of You Out There have grabbed free copies of my 20-page detailed playlist of mostly-overlooked 1979-1981 music, RECORD STORE DAZE. And that's flattering.
But only three of you have grabbed copies of the 190-page record-store memoir that goes with it, GUARANTEED GREAT MUSIC! (And I know who all three of you are!)
Thanx for snapping up the playlist. Really. I was happy to put it out there for free. But I'm also hoping the playlist intrigues you enough to buy GGM, which I think is the more important part. And it's easily worth $2.99.
I'll be working with Amazon/Kindle to offer some Christmas freebie deals on GGM for those of You Out There who are as broke as I am. But I'm really hoping you can't wait that long.
Remember that every $3 you spend on these works of art goes to support a really good cause -- my fast-approaching Retirement.
My thanks in advance....
Coming up soon -- a review of Split Enz's excellent overlooked 1981 album WAIATA....

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